Hidden Jewel Horsewear Repair --


                         Cleaning and Repair Fees                   ------- We accept Paypal -------

(All Fees are Subject to Change)

 All Workmanship Has A Limited Guarantee!! Not responsible for shrinkage, rotted materials or fading.

NOTE: To insure against cross contamination and saving costly damages to the sewing machine, we require all items to be cleaned prior to repairs being made.

Wash Only (NO Repairs):

Blankets, Coolers, Fly Sheets & Saddle Blankets - $12 to $18 

Wool Saddle Pads - $25 to $35

*Price dependant on amounts of hair, mud, and/or manure

Small tack & Accessories - $6/load


Wash &Repairs:

Standard Service:  $25.00

Moderate Service: $35.00

Ultimate Service:   $45.00

* Price level dependant on severity and complexity of cleaning & repairs

** Price does not include replacing attached leg/belly straps -  $4-$5

OR detachable parts.



Give your blankets extra visibility !!! 

 Reflective tape attached to both sides of your favorite blanket !!  $15.00


Do you have a blanket that the liner is totally trashed but the outer layer is still in good shape?

I will replace the liner for $45.00


Detachable Parts:  Check Out Our Online Store!

Leg Straps $8.50

Belly Straps $9.50

Hood/Blanket Connectors $4.50


Waterproofing: $12 to $18

*Price dependant on size of item


Shop Charges:  $15.00 minimum

Repairs only (you provide clean item), Custom Tailoring, Tack Repair, Misc. Repairs


If we see that the cost to you will be more than replacement,  we will call to give you the option of continuing with the service.


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